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15 years of dedicated medical case management. We have the industry experience and the resources to provide quality results.

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Quinlan Medical Management provides quality, experienced medical case management throughout the Southeastern and Eastern United States. Our focus is to facilitate prompt return to work and optimal case resolution through goal-directed planning specific to each referral.

Our case managers are experts in catastrophic case management, brain and spinal cord injuries, multi-trauma, and crisis intervention. They have extensive experience in workers' compensation and group health and can help to identify any pre-existing pathology which may impact recovery of the work injury. They understand the financial impact that careful, transparent medical case management can have on a complex claim and are ready to assist in mitigating costs and reducing risk.

With a network of 100+ nurses in seventeen states, Quinlan Medical Management can provide you with the coverage and attention you and your company needs.

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From tasks assignments to hospital visits, and telephonic case management to catastrophic care: see what we do.

Case Management Services

We provide medical case management for Workers' Compensation cases, serving as a go-between for employers, claimants, and insurance companies. We use proven methods and extensive experience to get claimants to at maximum medical improvement.

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Founded by Patricia Quinlan with a network that spans fifteen states. We're currently headquartered in South Florida with offices in Alabama. We have been providing quality case management with experienced care since 2004.

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24/7 first report of injury and nurses across the United States. Our extensive network of case managers is standing by to assist.

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We have over 100 nurse case managers who are standing by to assist you with your needs. Whether it's a catastrophic case or just a task assignment, we can get someone to wherever you need them as soon as you need them.

Nurse case management.

Our team of case managers expedites necessary medical care by assisting the treating physician’s office staff in understanding and navigating the claim authorization and billing process. Additionally, our relationships with ancillary service networks provide injured workers and their physicians immediate access to diagnostic radiology, physical therapy, durable medical equipment and prescription drug services in the most cost effective manner.

Our case manager help to maximize the chances of an injured employee returning to work. The medical case manager operates to coordinate the health care and rehabilitation needs of the injured employee, with the ultimate goal being a complete recovery and return to work for the employee. Among other things, the workers’ comp case manager aims to ensure that an injured employee reasonably receives all necessary medical care related to his or her injury, so he or she will be able to fully recover. While at all times providing information to the injured worker, employer and adjuster about the injured worker’s treatment plan.